Cheap fencing ideas and tips to find cheap fencing

Cheap fencing

Cheap fencingLooking for cheap fencing?  Hopefully this article will assist you in making the right choice by asking the relevant questions to refine your needs and expectations.  Before going any further, it is important to note that there are many different fencing options available.  It is important to determine why you are looking for cheap fencing (is it only a short term measure), is it for industrial or commercial use or are you looking to secure your residence? Additionally, if your main motivation for putting up a cheap fence is security, this is going to further determine the look and material you would need to use in order to safeguard your assets.

Types of cheap fencing available include:

Brick Fencing

Brick fences are still a very common option for most, and depending on your design and choice of brick (of which there are many with varying prices) can look extremely stylish when well built.  It is also a fairly robust form of fencing and usually lasts a long time.  It is a fairly versatile option as bricks come in a range of colours to complement your home or building’s colour scheme and you can also combine bricks with other material depending on the look that you are after as well as your budget.

Cheap dog fencingPicket Fences

The picket fence is a fence that is most commonly used as a perimeter fence, swimming pool fence or internal garden boundary fence.  Picket fence panels are very easy to install and have an attractive finish.  They can be painted any colour but they are most commonly painted white.

PVC Fencing

PVC Fencing is a really affordable option that lasts a life and is extremely low maintenance – once installed you practically never have to think about it again. From a distance, it looks like wood, but they do not have any of the problems of wood such as splintering, warping, termites, etc.  They are generally available in light colours and stand up very well under UV rays from the sun.

Electric Fences

Electric fences are security wire fences that have an electric current running through.  These are generally intended to be more functional than have aesthetic appeal and are commonly used to keep livestock in, or to keep things out of an area.

Wire Fencing

There is a wide range of wire based fencing available to provide different looks.  The wire is either galvanised or powder coated. Wire fencing is weatherproof, rust resistant, durable, and easy to install.

Timber Fencing 

Timber fencing is very popular as it is both affordable and durable.  Softwoods are more resistant to rot but timber can also be treated against rot, termites, insects, and the elements so that it lasts longer.  You can choose to paint, stain, or oil the timber, or you can leave it to age naturally, depending on the look that you are going for as well as the climate in your area.  It would be advisable to treat your wood particularly in coastal areas.

Concrete Fencing

Concrete fencing, as the name suggests, is made primarily from concrete.  This concrete can be poured on site or it can be precast offsite and installed.  Concrete is more environmentally friendly than some other fencing options, and is very low maintenance.  It is excellent in bushfire prone areas.  Concrete fencing is also very versatile – it can be formed to look like many other materials such as timber, stone, and brick, and it is available in many different colours.

Cheap livestock fencing


Bamboo Fencing

Bamboo Fencing is an eco friendly and durable fencing option.  Bamboo is a sustainable material and it looks great as a privacy fence or used to cover a wire fence.  It is also unique as each stick of bamboo is different, giving a very natural and organic look to the fence.  Bamboo is budget friendly and it is good in high wind areas as it will flex rather than break.


As a final note, if you are only looking for cheap fencing as a short term option, why not consider temporary fencing that is usually hired when it is needed.  It is used for a short period of time and by its very nature, it is designed to be portable.  Some uses for temporary fencing include fencing off building or renovating site or for security.  It is available in a range of styles.

While this list is not exhaustive, I hope it illustrates the vast range of cheap fencing available and hopefully it has initiated some creative and useful cheap fencing ideas.