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If you have ever wanted to build your own cedar wood lattice fence, then the following tips should help you own your way.   We even have a wonderful video to show the step-by-step method.   A cedar fence made of square lattice panels and chunky posts creates a decorative accent that will stand up […]

If you are a homeowner there may come a time where you have to replace your fence – and so if you are in this situation why not consider replacing your old dreary fence with a picket fence.     You may be after a bit of extra privacy or you may even want to […]

So you’ve decided on building a wooden fence, but need a bit of guidance on where to start. Well, here at – we have created a set of How To Guides that will ensure you create the perfect wooden fence – and at a price that will astound you.     Before you Begin […]

A well-designed fence, especially a front fence, is an important part of the overall design and look of your home – whether its mainly for privacy, security, sound isolation, marking a boundary or simply to keep out the neighborhood dogs. No matter what your needs are, the following information will provide some basic design and […]

When determining what fencing to use for your pets, it is prudent to ask yourself the following questions: How will the yard be fenced off to contain the pets (what fence type will be used)? Can you define the areas to which the pets will not be allowed access? Do multiple pets need to be […]

Looking for cheap fencing?  Hopefully this article will assist you in making the right choice by asking the relevant questions to refine your needs and expectations.  Before going any further, it is important to note that there are many different fencing options available.  It is important to determine why you are looking for cheap fencing […]